Google IO 2014 – what to expect

Google’s annual developers conference is just hours away from now and every one is expecting huge from the tech markets giant. This year’s Google IO, which is going to take place in San Francisco on Wednesday & Thursday, we here at Android Heat have brought to you what to expect from Google in the keynote.


Google Fit

Health is trending all over the market this year,every one is covering the flaw and on the run to cover the market. It would give a user the ability to monitor personal health data i.e heart rate. This year android wear would be at glance, LG’s G Watch will be a square face, and Motorola’s Moto 360 will have an unprecedented round face.


Android TV

Google is working hard to bring on the best user experience by providing better choices for entertainment and android TV is one of them. It is expected to have online media services, games & simple user interface. Pano, Netflix, Hulu and other services are expected to be included. Let’s see who Google founds for the hardware.

Android Makeover

An L named update is pending for the android 5.0. As now the mood is non-chocolaty it is expected to be lollipop.We expect to see the new design elements implemented in a fresh version of Android. We will have much better idea of what the next version of Android should look like when it’s ready.


Google Nest

Smart Homes are what we need and yes Google is working on it. We’d also love to hear more from Google’s home-automation group known as Android@home. It was announced in 2011, but has gone largely untouched since it began.


Google Glass

We might also have some important announcement to hear regarding Google Glass. Google glass has been more controversial since last year. The glass gained some better design & new options available on prescription glasses frames and sunglasses.



Google’s Project Ara, which is focused on building a modular smartphone, and Project Tango, centered on 3D mapping and gaming using phones and tablets. One session is dedicated in IO to the group, so we are expecting to hear some thing new about the project or may get a new product.



Google’s infotainment system is still expected to be unveiled in 2014, which makes the June Google IO conference the appropriate roll out vehicle.

The company doesn’t have to do much to catch up. Just saying “We have Google Maps,” should do the trick given its navigation track record and the performance history of Apple Maps.


Fingers are crossed about what Google has to present at 2014 IO event, stay tuned for updates.

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