How to Install Android 4.4.4 on Nexus 5 / 4, Nexus 7 / 10

Google burst out an unpredictable treat zooming out of its headquarter recently with the release of Android 4.4.4 update by sharing factory images and Over The Air (OTA) update for Nexus devices. While Google has come up with factory images for Android 4.4.4 of several Nexus devices, OTA updates are not yet available to all nexus devices. Factory images for Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10 is available of developers’ site. However, the developer’s listing present with Google reveals that Android 4.4.4 listing is not available for some Nexus devices as an OTA update.

install android 4.4.4
Here, let’s begin with the step to install Android 4.4.4 on Nexus devices either by using factory images or via OTA update.

Install android 4.4.4 factory image

  1. Download Android 4.4.4 factory image for your Nexus device and save it in a convenient location for an easy access. Then extract the contents of the file with any archive extraction tool, like 7-zip.
  2. Since the method will make use of Android Debug Bridge, you will be required to allow USB Debugging on the device that appears in the “Developer Options” menu. However, if the menu does not appear in settings, you will have to unlock it.
    • To enable developer Options setting, hit the “about Phone” at the bottom and then tap the “build Number” seven times.
    • Come a level back and there will appear a new settings option as Developer Options. Tap on it and then check mark enable USB Debugging. Now, press on OK subsequently.
  3. Now you are required to connect your device to the computer using USB cable. and then run the appropriate flash-all script from the extracted contents in step 1.

Install Android 4.4.4 OTA Update

Here are the steps to upgrade Nexus devices to Android 4.4.4 with OTA update.

USB drivers: Windows
ADB/Fastboot files: adb-fastboot-win | adb-fastboot-mac
Android 4.4.4 OTA update (download the appropriate OTA file)

  1. Download and install the USB drivers from above and extract the contents of or file.
  2. Rename the downloaded Android 4.4.4 OTA update zip file to: and move it into the extracted adb-fastboot-* folder.
  3. Now put your Nexus device into Recovery mode.
    To do so: Switch OFF your device, press and hold Volume down + Power button simultaneously (for Nexus 4 press: Volume Down + Volume Up + Power). Your device should go into bootloader mode, now use the volume keys to navigate to the ‘Recovery’ option and press the power button to select it.
  4. In Recovery mode, use volume keys to navigate to the ‘apply update from ADB’ option and then press Power key to select it.
  5. Now connect your Nexus device to your computer via USB cable and then:
    Windows users: simply execute the START.cmd file inside the adb-fastboot-win folder.
    Mac users: Open Terminal and use the cd command to navigate to the adb-fastboot-mac folder.
  6. Now type in the following command and hit enter:
    Windows users: adb sideload
    Mac users: ./adb sideload

This is when the installation of OTA update will begin. On the completion of installation process, select the ‘reboot system now’ that appears in main recovery menu in order to reboot the device.

Please note that OTA update throws an error while sideloading on rooted devices or if you’ve deleted any APK from the system partition on your Nexus device.

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