unlock nexus 5 bootloader

If you’ve a Nexus 5 and want to root it, flash a custom ROM or put on a custom recovery, the first step to make all this happen is to unlock Nexus 5 bootloader. A forced attempt to flash custom recovery or custom ROM without unlocking bootloader may result in a bricked device. Therefore the first step in android hacking is to unlock bootloader. In this guide we’ll talk about how to unlock Nexus 5 bootloader.
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Rooting, installing custom recoveries, custom ROMs and testing different mods on your Android device, it all starts with unlocking bootloader. Nexus 7 2013 tablet is no different. You need to unlock bootloader of Nexus 7 2013 tablet before you can root it, install customer recoveries or custom ROMs. In this guide we’ll guide you on how to unlock bootloader of Nexus 7 2013 tablet. It’s just a single line command and takes less than a minute to unlock the bootloader.
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unlock bootloader

In this guide we’ll try to explain what is bootloader? Why is it locked and how to unlock bootloader? And how to unlock bootloader of Nexus devices. When it comes to Android hacking or rooting, there are many confusing technical terms that may keep you from tinkering with your device. Bootloader is one of such terms. You need to unlock bootloader before rooting, installing custom ROMs, or doing anything hacks related to your android device.
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